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Procedure Classification:

Procedure based on medical examination or consultation.

Procedure Character:

The light from a polarizing lamp has the ability to penetrate targeted deeper structures of the human body, where it specifically acts on the molecular structure of cell membranes. The penetrating electromagnetic waves enhance cellular metabolism, leading to significant acceleration of regenerative abilities and healing processes, reduction of pain sensitivity, and suppression of inflammatory processes in tissues.

Procedure Process:

The applicator is positioned over the treated area, and the program is activated.

Main Indications:

Musculoskeletal pain, dermatological conditions such as eczema, allergies, neuralgia, accelerated healing, immune support.

Main Contraindications:

Pregnancy, oncological diseases, epilepsy, fresh scars, medications with photosensitizing effects.

Duration of the Procedure:

As prescribed by the doctor.

What to Bring to the Procedure:

It is advisable to come in a bathrobe.