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Indian massage of the head


Procedure classification:

Ancillary procedure, over-the-counter

Procedure character:

Indian head massage is an ancient Ayurvedic technique that gently treats and relaxes the area of the shoulders, upper arms, neck, head, or eyes using special strokes. It stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation, improves tissue metabolism, and has a beneficial effect on the scalp and hair growth and nourishment. Stress and tension often manifest as stiff areas in the head, neck, and shoulders, where important energy centers in the body are located.

Procedure process:

The Indian head massage itself begins with the client seated, relaxing the neck, trapezius muscle, shoulders, and neck. Then, the client lies on their back, and the actual head massage, and possibly the face, follows.

Indian head massage is one of the most accessible massages for natural regeneration. Overall, it has a beneficial effect on the psyche, inducing feelings of health, calmness, and mental well-being.

Main indications:

Headaches, insomnia, mental fatigue, irritability, stress, tension, anxiety, depression.

Main contraindications:

All febrile, infectious, and acute inflammatory conditions.

Duration of the procedure:

25 minutes.

What to bring to the procedure:

Comfortable clothing that can be loosened around the neck and shoulders or a bathrobe is recommended.