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Lokální kryoterapie

Local Cryotherapy


Procedure Classification:

Secondary procedure, based on medical examination or consultation.

Procedure Character:

It is used in rehabilitation, for the treatment of inflammation, pain, increased muscle tension, and to reduce swelling.

Procedure Process:

The treatment is performed directly on the skin of the affected area, where cooling of the body part causes vasoconstriction followed by vasodilation. This process improves blood circulation and elimination of toxic substances from the body. The flowing cold air is capable of reducing skin temperature by more than 20 degrees Celsius, leading to the reduction of swelling and inflammatory reactions.

Main Indications:

Sprained ankle, Achilles tendonitis, torn muscle, strained knee ligaments, frozen shoulder syndrome, postoperative swelling and pain, tennis elbow, inflammations, burns, postoperative and post-traumatic conditions of the musculoskeletal system - prevention and treatment of swelling, painful non-traumatic conditions of the musculoskeletal system - strained muscles and tendons, osteoarthritis, rheumatic diseases.

Main Contraindications:

Cold sensitivity, sensory disorders, circulatory disorders, open wounds, burns, frostbite.

Duration of the Procedure:

As recommended by the doctor.

What to Bring to the Procedure:

It is advisable to come in a bathrobe.