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SPA baths with additive


Options for ingredients:

Eucalyptus, mud extract, meadow flowers, marigold, Dead Sea salt

Procedure classification:

Main procedure, over-the-counter

Procedure character:

Ingredient bath is carried out in a bathtub filled with water at a temperature of 35-37°C, and various ingredients are added – such as peat or herbal extracts, Dead Sea salt, etc.

Procedure process:

The client is in the bath at a temperature of 35-37 °C. By combining the effect of a warm bath and aromatherapy, tissue circulation is improved, and overall relaxation of the body is achieved. The bath has a significant sedative (calming) effect. Unless otherwise prescribed, the client does not rinse off after the bath. Rest is recommended after the bath.

Main indications:

Relief of muscle and nerve tension, postoperative states, injuries, other serious illnesses, chronic musculoskeletal disorders.

Main contraindications:

Acute illnesses and general contraindications to hydrotherapy, allergy to a specific ingredient.

Duration of the procedure:

15 minutes

What to bring to the procedure:

It is advisable to come in a bathrobe