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Paraffin wax for hands


Procedure Classification:

Ancillary procedure, over-the-counter

Procedure Character:

Paraffin is a substance capable of accumulating heat and releasing it to the surroundings when transitioning from liquid to solid state. This phenomenon is utilized in paraffin hand wraps. The procedure improves skin circulation, relaxes muscles and joints, and is particularly indicated for rheumatological conditions in the stage without active inflammation. Additionally, it is favored for its side effect of moisturizing the skin, nourishing the nails, and leaving the hands smooth and rested.

Procedure Process:

Upon arrival at the facility, the client removes watches and jewelry, disinfects their hands, and after thorough drying, immerses them in a warm paraffin bath. For better quality wrapping, the client dips their hands three times, with short breaks for excess paraffin dripping off and for slight hardening of the applied paraffin. Then, each of the client's hands is individually wrapped, and the wrap is left to take effect.

Main Indications:

Chronic rheumatic diseases, especially in small hand joints.

Main Contraindications:

Open skin diseases, oncological diseases, uncorrected hypertension.

Procedure Duration:

15 minutes

What to Bring for the Procedure:

Clients do not need any special clothing or equipment for this procedure.