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Procedure classification:

Ancillary procedure, based on medical consultation

Procedure character:

Electrotherapy utilizes various types of low-intensity electrical currents on the human body. This treatment increases blood circulation to the affected area, relaxes or strengthens muscle tension. It acts against pain and inflammation.

Procedure process:

A trained healthcare professional applies electrodes to the relevant area of the body as indicated by the doctor.

Main indications:

Post-traumatic conditions (bruising and muscle strains, joint dislocations, etc.), musculoskeletal disorders (back pain, osteoarthritis), neuralgia, neuritis, circulatory disorders, acute joint, back, tendon, and head pain.

Main contraindications:

Pregnancy, cardiac pacemaker, bleeding of any origin, tuberculosis, tumor diagnosis + chemotherapy (as determined by the doctor), infectious or fungal diseases, epilepsy, hematologic disorders, hypotension, cardiopulmonary decompensation

Duration of the procedure:

10 minutes

What to bring to the procedure:

It is advisable to come in a bathrobe.