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Limb Whirlpool Bath


Procedure Classification:

Procedure based on medical examination or consultation

Procedure Character:

This treatment method is based on a similar principle as hydro massage. While it falls under water massage procedures, it has its own specifics and differences. It involves gentle massage with swirling water applied to the upper or lower limbs at an isothermic temperature (temperature matching skin temperature 34-35 °C) or slightly higher. It improves circulation in the limbs, activates skin receptors, promotes the release of muscle and joint stiffness, and increases local metabolism.

Procedure Process:

The combination of this strong mechanical effect of swirling water with relatively high water temperature not only has a relaxing effect but also has a significantly releasing effect. Due to the flow of water and its temperature, tissue is perfused during the whirlpool bath, which subsequently affects muscle relaxation and regeneration.

Main Indications:

Pain in the musculoskeletal system, post-traumatic conditions, post-operative conditions of the musculoskeletal system, edema and lymphatic congestion, muscle atrophy and peripheral paralysis, joint arthrosis, diabetes mellitus, mental tension and stress, sleep disorders.

Main Contraindications:

However, taking a whirlpool bath is not suitable for feverish conditions, extensive skin defects, oozing wounds, collapse states, or varicose veins. It is not suitable after inflammation of the veins of the lower limbs.

Duration of the Procedure:

10 minutes

What to Bring to the Procedure:

It is advisable to come in a bathrobe.