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Scotch duch


Procedure classification:

Procedure based on medical examination or consultation

Procedure character:

Alternating application of hot and cold water in the form of a jet stream significantly invigorates the entire body and mind. With repeated applications, it leads to body hardening, increased resistance, and positively influences blood circulation.

Procedure process:

The procedure is based on alternating hot (38 - 42°C) and cold (25 - 30°C) water in a ratio of 3:1 in favor of hot water. Pre-heating with a warm shower is necessary before applying the spray. Scottish sprays have a significant effect on the cardiovascular, nervous, and autonomic systems.

Main indications:

Low blood pressure, autonomic and hormonal functional disorders, the need to increase resilience including mental resilience.

Main contraindications:

Not suitable for severely and acutely ill individuals, people with varicose veins, prone to hematomas, and for pregnant women.

Duration of the procedure:

10 minutes

What to bring to the procedure:

It is advisable to come in a bathrobe and swimsuit.