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Instrumental Lymphatic Drainage


Procedure Classification: 

Procedure based on medical examination or consultation.

Procedure Character:

Instrumental lymphatic drainage acts on the lymphatic vessels and nodes using pressure waves. The device improves the function of veins and lymphatic pathways, and it is used for post-traumatic conditions and after intense muscle exertion.

Procedure Process:

Instrumental lymphatic drainage utilizes compressive sleeves. Inside these sleeves are chambers that inflate according to a preset program. At the same time, rules for setting the optimal pressure must be followed to ensure that the compression is sufficient without damaging the lymphatic system. When the sleeves inflate, they increase in volume, thereby exerting pressure on the muscles and promoting the activity of the lymphatic and vascular systems.

Main Indications:

Treatment of edema, sensation of heavy legs, supports the lymphatic and venous system. It helps strengthen the immune system and detoxify the body. Significantly reduces cellulite.

Main Contraindications:

Malignant tumor diseases. Acute bacterial and viral infections, fever, all wounds and injuries at the wrap site, acute skin diseases - (acute eczema, psoriasis, atopic eczema, severe acne), large birthmarks - must be examined!!!, subcutaneous inflammations (erysipelas). Acute venous diseases - repeated vein inflammations. Unclear abdominal pain, severe diabetes, liver diseases (cirrhosis of the liver) and kidney diseases (patients undergoing hemodialysis), gout, heart dysfunction, severe psychiatric disorders, green cataract - glaucoma (to increase intraocular pressure), pregnancy.

Procedure Duration: 

30 minutes.

What to Bring for the Procedure:

It is necessary to come in long pants, socks, and a long-sleeved shirt (if upper limb lymphatic drainage is prescribed).