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Foot reflexology massage


Procedure classification: 

Secondary procedure, over-the-counter

Procedure character: 

Reflex procedure for influencing diseases of all parts of the body.

Procedure process: 

The patient lies on their back on the bed with exposed and washed feet. The masseur sits on a chair facing the soles of the feet and treats reflex points using acupressure techniques according to a given scheme.

Main indications: 

Back and joint pain, headaches, allergies, hay fever, functional disorders of the stomach, intestines, and gall bladder such as constipation, diarrhea, states of fatigue and exhaustion, depression, etc.

Main contraindications: 

Skin diseases, eczema, fungal infections, foot injuries with hematomas, increased bleeding tendencies, tumors, sclerotic veins around the ankles.

Procedure duration: 

25 minutes

What to bring to the procedure: 

It is advisable to come in a bathrobe.